翻译如下: 我正在努力地学习中文 I'm working hard to acquire Chinese

从现在起,我会更加努力地学习。 From now on, I will study harder. 从现在起,我会更加努力地学习。 From now on, I will study harder.

1. hardy 2. hard 3. hardie(努力地, 辛苦地, 坚硬地) 4. roundly (全面地, 彻底地) 5. strenuously(奋发地,使劲地) 以上都可以作为“努力地”来用。

We should study hard and honestly

Are you studying hard or playing happily?

I am waiting and want to try my best / try hard / strive / make an effort to undertake the pain only for the purpose of seeing in / greeting the brightness which / that belongs to me/ belonging to me.

翻译:We are studing so hard now for the same goal that to be admitted to our dream university. 满意请采纳~谢谢!

世界这么大,我想去看看算不算? OK,知我者皆知我就一宅男,出去看看?别闹,我们一起窝在沙发里聊天、听歌、读书、看电视吧还是?? So,那我想把英语学好的动机是什么? 有硬性的,也有软性的。 一、硬性 去年开始,我和同学一起办了个校外的培...

我们在学习的过程中,应该积极地和同学们交流,努力学习,希望大家学有所成 We are in the process of learning, should actively search and exchange students to study hard, I hope you have achieved. 我们在学习的过程中,应该积极地和同...

You have to work on it hard and use the most of it.

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