翻译如下: 我正在努力地学习中文 I'm working hard to acquire Chinese

我正在努力学习英语 I am studying English hard. I am working hard at English. 我正在努力学习 I am studying hard.

I am trying to learn English 我现在正在努力的学习英语

翻译 我正在努力变成自己喜欢的那个自己 正宗英语怎么说 I am trying hard to chang into what I want to become with great admiration . I am trying everything possible to turn into the person who is liked by myself. I am doing my bes...

我正在努力学英语 I'm trying to learn English

I am not good at English but I am working hard learning it. Hopefully, I could finish this exam successfully.

I am working hard before I go to university . 祝学习进步,天天快乐!满意请采纳!有问题追问!谢谢!:)

我在努力,努力让自己成为配的上你的人………… I'm learning hard in order to improve my English. I am working hard, working hard to be worthy of you.

英文原文: Now I spend more time studying / working hard . 英式音标: [naʊ] [aɪ] [spend] [mɔː] [taɪm] [ˈstʌdi] [ˈwɜːkɪŋ] [hɑːd] . 美式音标: [naʊ] [aɪ] ...

my english is poor ,but i am studying hard.

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