这就是汉语,不过需要把 “更好的学习” 改为 “更好地学习”,如果用英语说则是 It can help you learn English better.

你好! 那就好 赶快学好中文我们就能用中文对话了 That's good to learn Chinese we can use Chinese dialogue

Could you please help me find a Chinese translator ? 精rui

快乐的学习对你学习中文很有帮助 Studying happily is good for you to learn Chinese.

Your can learn Chinese, which is not hard to learn.

can you help me learn Chinese? yes ,of course.

I have a pen pal in America. He likes Chinese language very much, but he does not well in it. I like English very much. I always help him with Chinese, and he always helps me with my English.

我的英语不是很好、你会说中文吗? My English is not very good, can you speak Chinese? My English is not very good. Do you know Chinese? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! ~如果你认可我的回答,请及...

你好翻译为I always help students from English-speaking countries learn Chinese 希望帮助你

If the Chinese can be used to better. If could use Chinese to be better .

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