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求一句英文翻译: 我知道每一天凌晨四点洛杉矶的样...

i know the appearance of Los Angelas at 4 in the morning every day

Bryant is the famous paranoid mad, into the League for so many years, insist for a long time and get up at four thirty in the morning and practice, every day to be cast into a thousand ball to the end, not to his practice to th...

Reporters asked Bryant: "Kobe, why are you so successful?" Bryant asked the reporter: "Do you know what it is Los Angeles, 4:00?" Reporter shook his head. Bryant said:"I konw that."

洛杉矶英语怎么说 ----- 洛杉矶 Los Angeles

Los angeles, USA

Los Angeles (Los Angeles) is in Spanish, meaning angels So Americans took the city of Los Angeles, known as the angel. Los Angeles, United States, the west coast of southern California. is the second largest city in the United ...

He played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

that can you imagine a woman who is disabled manages the business alone and that she would be the sport journalist reports the Los Angeles Dodgers in detail ? 如果有错请指出来..我也好改进...

我来自美国洛杉矶 I come from Losangeles, USA I'm from Losangeles, USA

It's mid-night of 7th,Aug.in Los Angles time

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