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求一句英文翻译: 我知道每一天凌晨四点洛杉矶的样...

i know the appearance of Los Angelas at 4 in the morning every day

Bryant is the famous paranoid mad, into the League for so many years, insist for a long time and get up at four thirty in the morning and practice, every day to be cast into a thousand ball to the end, not to his practice to th...

Reporters asked Bryant: "Kobe, why are you so successful?" Bryant asked the reporter: "Do you know what it is Los Angeles, 4:00?" Reporter shook his head. Bryant said:"I konw that."

Los angeles, USA

洛杉矶英语怎么说 ----- 洛杉矶 Los Angeles

He played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

我来自美国洛杉矶 I come from Losangeles, USA I'm from Losangeles, USA

洛杉矶早上四点的样子 Losangeles looks like four in the morning. 洛杉矶早上四点的样子 Losangeles looks like four in the morning.

Los Angeles (Los Angeles) is in Spanish, meaning angels So Americans took the city of Los Angeles, known as the angel. Los Angeles, United States, the west coast of southern California. is the second largest city in the United ...

美国 加利福尼亚州 罗兰岗 安德拉达车道 门牌 18840 邮编: 91748 【这是一间平房。门口正对着一棵大树,有违中国风水。】 罗兰岗(Rowland Heights)是美国加州洛杉矶县的一个未建制社区(unincorporated community)。占地约30平方公里(11.4 平...

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