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箔匯鞘哂猟鍬咎: 厘岑祇耽匯爺争蛙膨泣代票躑議劔...

i know the appearance of Los Angelas at 4 in the morning every day

Bryant is the famous paranoid mad, into the League for so many years, insist for a long time and get up at four thirty in the morning and practice, every day to be cast into a thousand ball to the end, not to his practice to th...

What does it look like at four a.m. in Los Angeles?

代票躑哂囂奕担傍 ----- 代票躑 Los Angeles

Los angeles, USA

He played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

that can you imagine a woman who is disabled manages the business alone and that she would be the sport journalist reports the Los Angeles Dodgers in detail ? 泌惚嗤危萩峺竃栖..厘匆挫個序...

低挫載互佶嬬校壓宸戦指基低議諒籾 We are going to Los Angeles. be going to 彈姥肇 *************************************************** ^__^寔伉廝低僥楼序化泌惚嗤夘諒萩弖諒 総翌泌惚斤低嗤侭逸廁萩認嵐艶梨芝寡追售 ****...


厘栖徭胆忽代票躑 I come from Losangeles, USA I'm from Losangeles, USA

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