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请用汉语说话 用英语怎么说

Please speak in Chinese.

Speak Chinese,please. 更礼貌的说法: Could you speak Chinese,Please? Could you express in Chinese,please? 这里说Can you speak Chinese?有些不妥,因为Can在这里很容易被理解为询问能力,那么句意就变成了“你会说中文吗?”

你好! 说一次 Say once

破累死 思必客 印个利息

remittance wrong. We need the correction letter from your bank to rectify the name and the account of the payee.The correct remittance material is under beneath:

(I am )sorry, I only know a little English and can't express myself clearly, could you please speak Chinese? Thank you!


Please speak in english. 或者: Could you pls speak in english?

ward other’s sta

Please use English to talk to me next time. Thank you.

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