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请问哪里有《the shining》电子书下载,英文版

The shining 的英文影评,见附件。 如果看不到附件,请用电脑访问。


不好意思,真的太费力了 而且没听过 没看过


the shining 闪灵 有两部 一部是杰克·尼科尔森1980年演的(经典);一部是1997年拍的,我想应该是经典的那部吧。 闪灵 The Shining (1980) 作家杰克·托伦斯(杰克·尼科尔森饰)为改善工作状态,决定接管一家奢华的山间饭店。饭店位置偏远,在冬季...

To show that he was there in another life. The Jack we see in the movie, is a reincarnation of the one we see in the photo. Remember when he says "It feels like I know what around every corner"? Thats a hint to the audience tha...



d her that the cancer had

Always There When I'm less than I should be When I just can't face the day When darkness falls around me And I just can't find my way When my eyes don't clearly see And I stumble through it all You are lean upon,you keep me str...

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