说明函 [词典] covering letter; [例句]说明函是你向资助人发出邀请推介你的团体和项目的契机。 A cover letter is an opportunity for you to make an inviting introduction to the grant maker about your organization and also about your ...

来函 [词典] [书] the letter which you wrote; [例句]来函敬悉。 Your letter has come to hand.; This is to acknowledge the receipt of your letter

hereby declare

公司名称及法人变更通知函可参考如下范文 公司名称及法人变更通知 尊敬的合作伙伴: 因公司发展需要,依据公司法相关规定,经北京市工商局核准,从201x年9月1日起公司名称及法定代表人正式变更如下: 原公司名:北京xx科技有限公司 原法定代表人...

Oct. 28, 2009 Dear Joe Brown, We are in receipt of your returning signed Sales Confirmation No. CTC5682. However, we regret to inform you that we did not receive your L/C concerning the above contract till today. Our production...

to someone who may concern Invitation letter Dear Sirs, Here with, we xxx Company would like to invite the following persons of association "被邀请公司名称" to visit our works in China. The visit will take place from 起始日期 t...

confirmation letter

我认为: 1.首先,对合同的错字进行修改,实质上就是对合同进行变更,需要双方的同意。 2.一般来说,说明函只是单发的意思表示。 你可以发函告知对方: (1)原合同第几页、第几行、哪个字由于书写造成错误。 (2)现明确其订正为XXXX。 (3)关...

Work letter (工作函)

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