用在个人简历里面,还是self evalutaion 比较好。 希望对你有帮助~ 天上~

自我评价 self-assessment 或:self-evaluation

自我评价: 英语: Self-assessment 例如: He made self-assessment for his quartly objective.

I'm optimistic,sunny,modest ,aspirant,principled,sedate ,patient,hardy,kind,responsible always try my best.I have a strong capability to organise,manage and practise .I have a strong spirit of collectivity ,creativity ,t...

自我评价 词典 evaluation 进行自我评价向来很难。 Self-appraisal is never easy.

自我评价_百度翻译 自我评价 [词典] evaluation; [例句]进行自我评价向来很难。

I am an honest and practical person, pursue practical, honest and trustworthy, strict with self - discipline, rich team spirit, with strong adaptability, like to accept the challenge. Strong learning, deductive ability, flexibl...

I am an potential orginal,outgoing,sincere,and optimistic,with pretty good ability of regulization and organization as well as of adaping to environment quickly and fine communication.Moreover,team activities is my pleasure ti...

I am self-confidence, self-discipline, responsibility, pay attention to team spirit, and hard working. Although I don't have enough work experience, I am not afraid of tired. I can use my heart and sweat to accumulate more and ...

make a comment on/about sth/sb 或者直接使用comment的动词形态:comment on sth, comment that ... 如果不喜欢用 comment,也可用 remark 来替换哈(除了带从句外,其余的都可以)。

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