高评价 [名] high assessment; [例句]他们不仅会给那瓶酒更高评价,而且似乎他们大脑对此的体验也有所不同。 Not only do they rate the wine more highly, but their brains seem to process the experience differently.

给予了高度评价 give highly complimentary remarks to someone complimentary 高度赞扬的 remarks评论,评价 The movie has been given highly complimentary remarks. 这部电影得到了很高的评价。

给予了高度的评价 英文:Give a high appraisal of 或者:Gave a high degree of evaluation

高[gāo] 形 high; tall; above the average; of a high level or degree 名 height; altitude; a surname 这主意真高! What a brilliant idea! 《汉英大词典》 2 本周肉类售价很高。 Meat is bringing a high price this week. 《汉英大词典》 ...

不屑一顾 think little of 1. 不重视;认为…没有价值 2. 对…不以为然 3. 轻视,不重视;认为…没什么了不起 4. 对…满不在乎(或毫不犹豫),对…毫不踌躇;对…不加思考(或思索考虑) 你可以这样记:想的少的,表示我都不想占用我的脑存去想你,就是轻...

形容人,物体的高度时,一般用 tall. 比如: Tom is a very tall boy. 温度,分数等这些比较抽象的概念的时候,一般用 high. 所以要视实际情况而定。

we have a high evaluation on him

对.....给予高度评价 think highly of speak highly of think well of speak well of

“逼格高”英文:high-end。 1、high-end 英 [haɪ end] 美 [ˈhaɪˈɛnd] 高档 2、例句: In many foreigners, this is a very high-end brands. 在许多外国人,这是一个非常高端的品牌。 High-end personal computers and ...

She is very tall.

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