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超短的文章;健康积极向上的200—300字之间 要优美的

广东省珠海拱北小学二(2)班梁家萃 2003年11月8日天气:晴我要做一个健壮的孩子,早睡早起,多做运动,多吃饭。预防病菌入侵,要是病菌入侵的话,那就要生病,我不喜欢生病,因为生病就不能上学和上课,不能和好朋友玩了,而且生病就要打针,打...

Liuxiang(刘翔)-the flying man in the world! Liuxiang made a perfect fly in the olympic games in 2004, and won not only the gold metal but also the respect in the world! His fly knocked all the suspicions and discriminations do...

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