工作证明 Work certificate 望采纳!谢谢!

工作证明的英语翻译是certificate of employment。 certificate [英][səˈtɪfɪkət][美][sərˈtɪfɪkət] n.证明书; 文凭,结业证书; vt.发给证明书; 用证书证明(或认可); Retrieving the commo...

你如果有工作过就出证明,没有工作过就不需要。 Title是 Certificate of Employment 内容大概就是:This is to certify that *** had worked as (职位) in our company since 月日年 to 月日年. 然后盖公司的章就可以了 最好有人签个名

兹证明 陈婷 是我公司员工(身份证号码450302198609190529),在本公司担任 文员 职务,已有 2 年。 This is to certify that Chen Ting is my company employee (ID number450302198609190529), served as clerk positions in the company, has...

河南省郑州市航空港区郑港四街与郑港七路交叉口领航中心: Navigation Center, the intersection of the Street 4 and Road 7 in Zhenggang Road, Kong gang District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. 望采纳!谢谢。

Certificate of work XXX and XX years to x years in the period of my unit working as a nurse. XXX I was mainly responsible for the patient's reception, testing, dispensing andmedication nursing work, and assist doctors to observ...

Proof of incomeDandong Fenghuaelectric light sourceCo.,Ltd.This is to certify that Sir(madam)(ID number:)forthe unit(□,□formal workcontract,□,□appointmenttemporaryworkers).At thisposition,is mainly responsible for thework.The e...

英语一般说的是雇主,所以工作单位证明就是:Certification from Employer

该同志自1980年开始一直在我公司工作,现任集团公司党办主任。 The comrades have been since 1980 in my company, incumbent group company DangBan director. 该同志月薪2500元, The comrades salary 2500 yuan, 年薪30000元。 Yearly salary...

可以翻译的埃 中文公司名字可以用拼音代替的。 但是有限公司,等这种词要用英语翻译。比如有限公司是 Co.,Ltd , XX集团 ,是 XX Group.

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