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s y n 开头的单词

snowy ['snəui] adj. 下雪的,多雪的;被雪覆盖的;洁白无瑕的 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

Youth have too much to be responsible for. Since it is never easy to be done,we can come up with more steady ways to handle. New life will be starting. 组成一句的话:You still need to carry on.

十个字母(重复可以)a e f g h i n t y z组成英语单词,词组,短句如下:单词:hi,hey,high,nine,fifty,gee,fight,feat,fit,teen,teenage,ninty,ninty-nine,tea,teen,yeah,hint,tin,tight,fine,eight,eighty,tie,tan,heat,height,etc.词组:fit in...

1.wally英['weili] 美['weili] a. 好的,第一流的a. 好的,第一流的 2: name 名字number 数字naught 淘气的neat 干净的necessary 必要的 3.zippy 敏捷的;活泼的 zoology 动物学 zany 滑稽的 zymurgy 酿造学 zythepsary 酿造所young年轻的 yes是的 ...

You Sing Ntatur。 你歌唱自然 You See Nothing 你什么也看不见 You Sit Now 现在你坐下了 You Saw Notice 你看见了注解/说明 You Smile Naturally 你自然低微笑

be by bet beg belt腰带 bed bend bent爱好 best blend混合 bye debt欠款 defy惹 deny否认 dey染料 Egypt埃及 empty end few fly get leg lend lens透镜 lest let nest巢 net new news新闻 pen pest害虫 pet plenty self自我 send set settle安...

sonly:adj.尽孝道的 sunny:adj.阳光充足的

aspiration, admiration inspiration nice, noble,notability,noval youthful, yielding


key, kick, kitchen, kedney, kidnap, know...you, youth, yes, yarn, yell, yellow, york, yesterday...

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