你好,朋友。 很高兴能为你解答。 Hi!Everyone!Today. I will show you something about GM foods. The full name that GM foods is Genetically Modified Foods. This is a hot topic.let’s start to the present situation of GM foods . Ac...

中文 转基因食品的优点和缺点 转基因食品有较多的优点:可增加作物单位面积产量;可以降低生产成本;通过转基因技术可增强作物抗虫害、抗病毒等的能力;提高农产品的耐贮性,延长保鲜期,满足人民生 活水平日益提高的需求;可使农作物开发的时间...

这就是关于转基因食品优缺点的作文:Genetically modified food is science brings us the product, now of cultivated land area of less, genetically modified food will play more and more important role, if the use of transgenic techn...

GM food has some advantages.First,it is nutritious and good for our health.Second,it is easy to grow.Third,it has a bright foreground.

GMF (Genetically Modified Food, GMF) refers to the use of genetically engineered (transgenic) technology embedded in the (different species) in the genomes of the foreign gene foods. including genetically modified plant foods, ...

所有的资料都可以在国外英文网页上搜到,当然不能用度娘搜。Google又被封,你可以用Bing搜。输入关键词transgenic crop. 然后把正反双方的网页都参考一下就可以了。

genetically modified organism 基因修饰生物,也缩写为GMO 在国外的超市或媒体上,特指转基因食品时,通常用GMO-food

科学家们还不能找到充足的证据来证明转基因食品的危害 Scientists have not yet found sufficient evidence to prove the dangers of genetically modified foods. 科学家们还不能找到充足的证据来证明转基因食品的危害 Scientists have not yet...



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