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我现在在中国学习汉语. 英语翻译如下: I am studying Chinese in China now. 重点词汇: 现在 now; today; nowadays; currently; at present 学习 study; learn; emulate; learning 汉语 Chinese (language)

翻译如下: 我正在努力地学习中文 I'm working hard to acquire Chinese

I would like to ask, how long have you been learning Chinese?

“对外汉语教学”(TCFL)全称是 Teaching of Chinese as a foreign language 或者称为“汉语作为第二语言教学”(TCSL) Teaching of Chinese as a Second language 对外汉语教学是针对教外国人学习汉语这一事业所起的名字,明显带有中国人的视角来...

这就是汉语,不过需要把 “更好的学习” 改为 “更好地学习”,如果用英语说则是 It can help you learn English better.

Learning Chinese like leaning other languages takes time. So we'd better spend lots of time on it. We should listen to the teacher carefully and take notes. Don't be afraid of making mistakes so we should speak bravely. Listen ...

my sister syudy Chinese

单词都记得住也没用 要想说好口语,只要经常和外国人交流就可以了 现在很多可以和外国人对话的软件,说多了自然就会了 看单词效果很不好,看完就忘。

we learn both chinese and english。not only do we learn chinese, but also learn english。

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