Respect for the old, Love for the young The Chinese government has consistently protected marriage and the family, emphasized equality between husband and wife, and fostered the Chinese national tradition of respect for the old...

respect the old and cherish the young 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

翻译:The passengers ,Loving the old and young is chinese traditional virtue. 意思是:尊老爱幼是中华民族的传统美德 The passengers是乘客的意思可以在前面加上

我很小,应该尊老爱幼, 吾小,宜尊老爱幼,

To respect the elderly and take care of the young is one of traditional virtues in China. we should get into the good habit of modest , honest and respect the old and cherish the young

Willing to help others is a virtue of Chinese people as well as respect old person and love child.我直译的。

尊老爱幼, 尊重老师, 举止优雅礼貌. 英语: Respect the elderly and care of the young. Respect teachers. Behave elegantly and politely.

it is a traditional virtue for Chinese nation to respect the aged and care for the young.

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