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英语 证明

证明 1. prove(vt.证明,证实) 例句:(sb) proved (herself /himself )to be a good man 某人证明了自己是个好人。 2. testify(vi.作证;证明;证实;声明)(vt.作证;证明,为…提供证明;公开宣称,宣布) 例句:They testify to the extraord...

证明 [词典] prove; testify; attest; certify; [例句]事实证明他是对的。 Facts proved that he was right

首先写抬头 XX proof 然后写 It is hereby to certify that there's no accident happen to XX's(填你要证明的人的名字) car during the drive in China. 最后写证明人的名字,公司名称,职位,联系方式(最好有电话和邮件)再加上日期

证明了这一点 这个词语 用英语表达 翻译为 : It proves this point.

开具证明 issue certificate更多释义>> [网络短语] 开具证明 Issued certificate;Certificates;Attestation

authenticator 一般指认证器(使用「秘密金钥」加密过的片段资讯, 其中包含时戮」栏位),很少指人的。 voucher 证人, 保证人, 证明者, 凭证, 凭单, 优惠购货卷 witness 目击者 reference 推荐人,证明人 可见reference好些!

地道的表达应该是 This is to certify (或declare,state,evidence) 或 we hereby certify! 举例: CET-6大学英语考试六级证书Certificate of College English TestThis is to certify that ___________, a student of Grade ______ at Departmen...

Certificate of Graduation(毕业证明) Student **,male,be born on **(月) **th(日),***(年),study at the Four-year full time undergraduate program of the school from **(月),**(年)to **(月),**(年).Finish all the presc...

你好,问题已收到:医生证明书: Doctor's Certificate June. 18, 2000 This is to certify that the patient, Mr. Tomas, male, aged 41, was admitted into our hospital on June. 9, 2000, for suffering from acute appendicitis. After imm...

“兹证明”用英语怎么说 “兹证明”用英语是: This is to certify that 例句 兹证明上列人员所持外国人体格检查记录,经过验证,符合要求。 This is to certify that the bearer's Physical Examination Record for Foreigner accord with the requ...

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