首先写抬头 XX proof 然后写 It is hereby to certify that there's no accident happen to XX's(填你要证明的人的名字) car during the drive in China. 最后写证明人的名字,公司名称,职位,联系方式(最好有电话和邮件)再加上日期

公派出国的吧: Certification of English Proficiency To whom it may concern, With this letter I would like to certify (date of birth ) has adequate English proficiency.He is highly welcomed in to pursue his PhD.We have evaluated...

it has become a hot issue in the school.

RECEIPT (收据) Receipt No: _____________________________ (收据号:没有不用写) Date: _____________________________ (日期) Received From:_________________________(从谁那里收的款:填名字或公司) Received Sum: __________(收...

比如For example 证明proof 解solution 显然obviously 因为because (of) 当while 假设hypothesis 三角形triangle 平行四边形parallelogram 四边形quadrilateral 圆round 梯形trapezoidal 菱形diamond 正方体cube 长方体cuboid 圆柱cylindrical...

书面证明的英文怎么写 书面证明 书面证明 词典 certify to; [经] written confirmation; written document

DATE: To whom it may concern, This is to certify that has been working in SHANGHAI FU XUAN-JIE & ASSOCIATES LAW OFFICE as Lawyer assistant intern for year(s), since . Sincerely yours, (Company)


In front of my house, there is a garden.

This is to confirm that the payment of the visit and intercourse of the 23 sdudents and teachers from xxx University to our University between Jan.11 and Jan.24,2008 has been cleared. Payment details is to be referred as below:...

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